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Nefertari International School American and British Divisions Cairo, Egypt provides its students with quality education, qualified teachers and challenging programs of International Education while maintaining their cultural identity as Egyptians. NIS strives to create a disciplined, safe, happy and caring atmosphere that encourages students to be responsible, confident, compassionate, and well informed citizens who contribute to their local and international community.


Striving for Excellence by setting high levels of expectations for students and staff performance.

NIS CORE VALUESResponsibility; understanding rights and duties.RespectHonestyCompassionAmbition

We are ambitious. We set high standards for all students and staff. We help people transform their lives through education, experience, support and inspiration.INCLUSION:
We are open, welcoming, supportive and fair to all school community members.EXCELLENCE:
We aim for excellence in all our teaching, learning and assessment, and across our campus and facilities.FOCUS: We are professional and purposeful. Working towards our shared strategic goals and managing our resources well.INTEGRITY:
We work to uphold our values in our planning and decision-making, our teaching and learning, our actions and relationships.
We aim to be fair, open, honest and to treat all with respect.

Nefertari International School (NIS) is a community where all members have the same equal rights. All learners from varying backgrounds are welcome to join NIS according to our non-discriminative policy.

NIS Department of Admissions comprisesBritish Division Manager of AdmissionsAmerican/ IBDP Divisions Manager of Admissions
Both report to the Head of School.

GENERALThis policy was determined, adopted, developed and revised by the governing body of NIS.This policy shall at all times be interpreted and applied in a manner that protects and promotes the best interests of all learners concerned.This policy is published in the School Prospectus and can be found on the School’s website.Announcement for new admissions happens through the following channels:A special circular is issued by the NIS Department of Admissions, generally by Mid November, and given out to the school students. The Circular includes the starting dates for new admissions, generally by 1st December; and the Department of Admissions’ contact numbers.The same circular is published on the School’s website.The admissions shall not be denied because of race, gender, nationality, beliefs or any other diversity. All qualified applicants are welcome at NIS.Admissions to NIS is open at any time during the scholastic year according to the availability of places.NIS does not offer Special Education Needs (SEN) Service for children across all Y/G Levels.The school does not offer formal English Language Support (ELS) classes but extra help is provided during school hours for students as arranged by teachers & headmistresses.The school accepts students who can be served and benefit from the educational program. After enrollment, if a student is found to require learning or language support beyond what the school can provide, special arrangements, support and counseling are offered to the student and his/her parents.All are encouraged to visit our website: www.niscl.com to learn more about NIS Divisions.