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Our Story

Nefertari International School started to operate in August 1996. The establishment of Nefertari came with a dream of providing high quality of education in a distinguished teaching and learning environment.

Nefertari, the favorite wife of King Ramses II, was known for her beauty, intelligence, and influence during the reign of King Ramses II. She was highly educated and played a huge role in politics. She was able to read and write Hieroglyphs, a special skill at the time, and was known for her love of arts and architecture. Her tomb is one of the most amazing temples in Abu Simble.

More than two decades ago, Nefertari started with a pioneering mission and vision and ever since, excellence has become one of its prime goals.

The school has grown steadily in students’ population as well as in the diversity of educational programs.

1996 Nefertari Language School – IGCSE – Nefertari American School (accredited 1998)
2002 Lycée Internationale Simone De Beauvoir Groupe Nefertari
2006 Nefertari British School
2009 Nefertari Deutsche International Schule
2014 Nefertari International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) (accredited 2016)
2017 Nefertari International School, October, Egypt

2021 Nefertari Primary Years Program (PYP) (accredited 2023)

NIS is committed to maintain its success by adopting all the recent advances in pedagogy.