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Social Studies

Social Studies Curriculum from K-12 is designed to help students understand the world around them through a wide range of topics related to Society, Culture, History, Geography, Economics and Politics.

Nefertari is unique in providing a carefully designed curriculum of ancient, modern and contemporary Egyptian history as well as Geography of Egypt.

Grade 1

Students explore themselves and the community around them; Places, School, Home and Neighborhood.

Grade 2

Students are introduced to Landforms, Resources, Concept of Past, Present, and Future, Communities and Culture as well as Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities.

Grade 3

Students are introduced to Maps, Landforms, Empires and Kingdoms, Timelines, Goods and Services, and Natural Resources.

Grade 4

Students study Physical Environment, Climate, Location, Directions, Kinds of Maps, Geography of Egypt, Ancient Civilizations.

Grade 5

Students study Continents, Religion across time, Ancient Civilizations in Africa and Middle East, significant Events, and Individuals in Egyptian History.

Grade 6

Students study Early and Classical Civilizations, Ancient Americas, Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires.

Grade 7

Students study the Renaissance in Europe, Explorations, African Kingdoms, Asian Empires, the Age of Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

Grade 8

Students are to study Geography; Map Skills, the Five Themes of Geography, Physical and Human Geography.

Grade 9

Students study the physical and human characteristics of the 5 continents. Students will identify, analyze and compare the characteristics of the different continents.

Grade 10

Students study the geographic, political, economic and social structures of the civilizations of Medieval Europe, the Crusades, Renaissance, Ottoman Empire, Monarchies in Europe and Enlightenment.

Grade 11:


Students study the French Revolution, Nationalism, Industrial Revolution, World War I and II.

Political Science

Students are introduced to the foundation of a government, political ideologies, different regimes, rights, duties and responsibilities of a citizen.

Business Management

Students are introduced to forms of business organizations, objectives and stages of business activity, marketing, organizational structures and finance and accounting.

Grade 12:


Students study the modern and contemporary Egyptian history; the Mamluk and Ottoman empires, French Occupation, British Occupation, Revolutions and Patriotic Movements and Egyptian Figures.


Students are introduced to micro and macro Economics; production, supply, demand, prices, economic systems, market structure and money.


Students study behavior and its biological basis, cognition, learning, personality theories, psychological disorder and therapies.