Middle School

The middle school curriculum focuses on helping students become more increasingly independent learners and prepares them to succeed in high school. 

Students from grade 6-8 deepen their knowledge and skills in four core subjects: English language, science, math and social studies.

Students also continue improving their French and German listening and writing skills. Arabic, Christian/Islamic Religion and civics are also taught.

Students explore physics, life and earth science, explore geography, cultures and civilizations of the world, deepen their reading comprehension and writing skills while exploring classic literature.

Students are engaged in projects that apply learning to the real world and their interest eg. international day, science fair, reading logs, drama and recycling projects.

Physical Education teaches the fundamental skills and strategies and develop a sense of team, responsibility and commitment.

Music builds upon the foundations established in primary stage. Choir and band are part of the program.

Visual arts focus on exploring colors, shapes, drawing and painting.